Thursday, August 2, 2012

Being Loved

“There is no way that we can thank the people over the last 5 months that have shared with us their homes, food, cars, families, prayers, printers, internet, storage units, and support. We have had the privilege of being loved.” 

That was my Facebook status the day that Liz and I flew out of Little Rock, AR and headed back to Tanzania. It has been a week since we left the US and what a week it has been. We have come home to things needing repairs, bills needing paid, things needing purchased, and we have barely had time to settle in before work that has piled up as we have been gone threatens to overwhelm. However, we have also been greeted by friends that have dropped by to talk, visit, and hold Kaleb. Reconnecting has been a joy in and of itself and again, in a different country, many miles away from one home we find that we are loved.
We are back in Tanzania and will be here for the next three years. I am sure there will be many things to write about, joys and heartaches, fun times and stressful ones, and many things that never make it on this blog.

The one thing that makes so much of it worth it, that makes everything so special, the thing that is a comfort in times of trial and a joy in times of peace is that we know that we are loved. Thank you to everyone that has reaffirmed this in our lives. 

*There are so many more people who could be pictured here, including everyone we have seen since coming back to Tanzania, but have not gotten a picture of. Thank you to all.

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