Monday, July 28, 2014

An Introvert’s Processing Method or Why I Haven’t Posted in a Long Time

So there has been a lot going on this year. I feel like I have been saying that every year for the last three years to the point where it no longer has any meaning, but this time I am serious. This time it has not only been the schedule, the work load, the juggling kids, though we do now have one more child than parents in the equation, but the change, the shift, the transition of what we are doing and how we are doing it (more on that in later posts). And as an introvert I DO NOT process things out loud (sometimes to the chagrin of my wife) let alone in a public forum like a blog. This has been a year of self-journeying, discernment, and realignment as we continue to grow and mature in our work, our roles, and our lives. It is a journey that I probably would have benefited from sharing with you, had I realized I was on it…but I didn’t, and as such it is going to have to be shared in retrospect.

It may come out in future posts, I am sure some of it will. And there are still many questions that Liz and I wrestle with even as other questions are resolved and God fills in the gaps.

All that being said, I expect that this is my return to blogging and posting. I hope you enjoy what is to come.