Saturday, March 31, 2012

A Terrible Death to Die...Announcements

First of all let me apologize for the lack of updates and blogs. Not just in the last two months where there have been ZERO posts, but also the last several months where we have posted so infrequently. It is not because nothing has been going on, as usual it is more that so much change has been taking place in our lives that it has almost been too much to share. God’s abundant blessings and abundant challenges seem to go together and our lives have been no different.  So I want to catch you up quickly in, unfortunately, announcement like style and hopefully from here on out we will return to a normal pattern of blogs.

WE HAVE JOBS: After living as volunteers for over two years and thanking God on a daily basis for the many people that continually supported us while we were in Tanzania we finally have jobs. In a week and a half we leave for training with GBGM (General Board of Global Ministries). This is the missions arm of the United Methodist Church. They have approved us as missionaries and will be sending us back to Tanzania to plant churches and train pastors and church leaders. We are so excited for this opportunity to serve as long-term missionaries and know that we go back to continue a long process of relationship building and care.

WE HAVE A FAMILY: Obviously we already have a family or we would not be here on this earth, but we finally going to experience the joy(?) of giving birth to a child. Liz is due in June and little baby Soard will be going back with us to Tanzania. I am sure this will be the source of many good stories to be posted for all to enjoy, but we are also excited about another child that we can care for and hold close to our hearts.

WE HAVE MANY BLESSINGS: This is such a short post considering all of the changes that have happened in our recent past. It would not really be feasible to do a full update, and most of you have followed along through Facebook or other ways anyway. But it is important to us to make clear that through all of the changes, challenges, and the learning of patience that we feel very blessed. We serve a gracious God who does not always give us comfort and ease, but does provide the peace to continue on the journey he has set for us.

In All Of Life Give Thanks