Thursday, September 15, 2011

Most Precious Gift

I have heard people say that a child is the most precious gift given by God. In the end of May Derrick, 4 years old, came to live with Eric and me. Man, it has surely been an adventure! Together we have learned how to be a family. Derrick has experienced Play-Doh, battery powered Thomas the Train, books, movies, blocks, prayer, the law of inertia, and MANY other things! Eric and I have learned discipline methods, reward systems, prioritizing our lives, values, and again…many other things! One challenge has been finding and cooking food that Derrick can eat. After medical tests and trial and error we figured out that foods containing wheat flour make him pretty sick to his stomach. We have cut out most of those foods and he is growing…fast! Among the many challenges we recognize and embrace the gift God has given us. We pray that God opens our minds to “let loose and have fun” while we are on this journey.