Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Your Glory Shines Above All

God has richly blessed us. On our first Saturday, we travelled to Angel House at 7 am to work in the Shamba. Some of the kids were already out working but what was so amazing was the rainbow that perched in the sky above. It was a perfect sign of God’s promise to His people.

Saturday mornings are a lot of work and the afternoons are fun. They get up and work in the Shamba from 7-10 or so. However, if they do not have their stuff done by 10 they stay out there. They then have lunch and the afternoon is FREE TIME!!! We can choose between any number of things such as swimming, play with toys, play games, etc. Eric and I worked our first Saturday this past week. My new nickname is “Bebe Shamba” which means Grandma of the Garden. We took our shoes off and took a jamba, a hoe, and went to work! We turned soil and weeded and then I began wondering how many worms were getting in my feet!?!?

Sunday is my favorite day of the entire week! The kids get up and have breakfast and get ready for church. Church is held in the big room, we just move in a pulpit from the back. The kids take turns leading songs and they all get up and dance and sing. We worship for at least two hours in Swahili of course. Tedi, one of the night matrons, leads worship because she can sing very well! The kids take turns praying and they have a time to give a testimony. They basically stand up and tell about how God has blessed them that week. After church, we do things that cannot be done during the week. It is Market Day in Tarime, so some of the kids enjoy going shopping for the weekly needs of Angel House, some get their heads shaved (requirement for the schools), some just want to leave the Orphanage for an hour.

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  1. Bebe Shamba, ha, good one!
    Let's see some pics of you barefoot in that rich-looking soil, Liz.