Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Let me first tell you all that there are no “normal days.” Each day brings a new blessing or surprise; however you want to view it. I want to begin by telling you the schedule of events Monday through Friday. Monday through Friday goes like this:

4:45 am - 6 am ~ Take baths, get dressed, polish their shoes, scrub the floors, eat breakfast, and do any undone school work
6 am ~ The secondary students begin walking to school which takes them about an hour and a half to two hours.
6:30 am ~ St. Jude Pre & Primary School bus comes to pick up the other 18 students.
8 am – 2:30pm ~ School; except St. Jude because they have an extra class until 4:40pm
4:00 pm- 5:00 pm ~ Secondary students begin returning to Angel House and have a snack and time for rest.
5:30 pm ~ Primary students return to Angel House
5-6 pm ~ Work in Shamba (garden), fetch water, or any other chores they have not done
6-8 pm ~ Study time; Lucy and Richard return from school around 7:30 because they go to a school in Tarime
8 pm ~ Dinner!!!!
8:30 pm ~ Devotional
9 pm ~ Get ready for bed

Note: We have electricity that is run by a generator every day. They have electricity from 5-6 am and 7-9 pm everyday. However, we have not had this lately because the generator broke…twice. We broke down and bought battery powered lanterns so they could have some light to study and eat by.

So, that is the basic run down of what happens during the week for the kids. Keep in mind that this changes sometimes depending on who is sick, in the hospital, in trouble at school, etc. The schedule for the weekend is a different game and so another blog. The schedules for Holly, Eric, and me are completely different; but that will be another blog as well.
I never thought that I would experience such a strictly followed schedule, but it is definitely amazing to watch them endure everyday. God is good; All the time!


  1. WOW!!! Thank you so much for this post .. it gives us a clearer image of what you are experiencing. Mark & I just prayed for you & will continue to do so, each & every day! We love you & thank God for you & for the love He is giving you to share with the precious children of Angel House. And, you ask what is normal???? It is "a setting on a clothes dryer", says erma b.!! Will be e-mailing you again soon regarding the possibility of our coming your way!!

  2. What do you two do while the kids are at school?

  3. Hootie Hoo - wer're watching you.