Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Kidogo Burtha

“Little Burtha”

In the United States one of my best friends has a truck that qualifies for the “Why are you driving that?” category. She has named her truck “Big Burtha.” I have found its African counter part and have thus aptly named the Angel House truck “Kidogo Burtha” (Little Burtha). This truck is tiny and certifiably ghetto. This is the truck that we use to transport ourselves, kids, and any supplies needed for the orphanage which is now fifteen minutes driving time outside of town. I have seen twelve people fit in this truck. For the truck to be used in this way is kind of sad though. So the following is a salute to Kidogo Burtha and Jeff Foxworthy.

You know you’re driving Kidogo Burtha when…

10. Even the Tanzanians laugh at what your driving (most of them walk)

9. The lights work on bright or not at all.

8. Getting stuck is okay because the truck can be picked up in the back and put on solid ground.

7. The only gauge that works on the dash is the gas gauge.

6. Though gas is important because you must have the gas pedal down at all time to keep Burtha going..even in neutral.

5. You can see through the floor board.

4. The same wire that holds the license plate on works to pop the grill out so you can open the hood.

3. You take it to the mechanic to get the tape traded out on the cords connecting the engine to the rest of the car ($40 US dollars).

2. The engine dies going down hill, in netural

1. You get passed by bicycles…going uphill.

This is our beloved orphanage truck and if we didn’t rely on it so much and really use it to transport kids it would be funny to no end. This is the truck that I am using to learn how to drive on the left hand side of the road, in a town with no traffic signals, signs, or apparently laws. If you are interested in donating money to replace Kidogo Burtha with a reliable vehicle of transportation please just use the donation button to the right of the page. We are currently investigating to see how much a new van or something more reliable would be. Thank you for your support.

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  1. Oh, so the safari van wasn't yours to take home. ;)
    OK. You guys be careful in that Burtha. Sounds like a Ranch truck that I used for Livestock work.
    You're doing great with the blog. I'm already looking forward to your next post.