Friday, March 26, 2010

The Unnoticeable Gifts

As Eric and I continue with our conversation about what each of us will be doing upon our return here, I have become very discouraged. Eric’s gifts are quite obvious: he is gifted in spiritual formation, connecting the church as a whole, preaching, leadership, character development, and now…construction! Holly is very gifted in teaching, loving others, remaining calm in tough situations, languages, and many other things. Mine however do not stand out. There are many things that I have done while we have been here and yet I look back and often think, “what was the importance of that?” or “what do I have to contribute to this team?”

Eric reminded me the other day of Mother Theresa. She invested in one life at a time and yet she made such a remarkable impact on the world. First Corinthians tells us that there are different gifts and that each is important. I may not be gifted in teaching or construction or have a passion to connect everything to the local church, but I do have my own gifts. I have a passion for health care. I cringe when a child is sick and I have to take them to a hospital. I long for the day that all of them are cured of the unknown diseases. I have a gift for organization. I have put together a short term team packet for when people or churches want to bring teams over. I keep track of the monthly expenditures, staff meeting notes, all the necessary paperwork that MAHOHTT needs to stay open. I ensure that the daily operations are taken care of and not forgotten in the hustle and bustle.

Gifts are given to us by our Heavenly Father. He decides in which contexts we are to use them and how. We are not to judge one another as to how important each gift is but to accept the fact that all are needed. Some gifts are noticeable and some are unnoticeable…they are all still gifts.

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