Friday, April 10, 2020

Barrier No. 6: Internal Barrier of Weakness

One of the most powerful prayers is that of the prayer in Gethsemane, in Matthew 26:36-46. The prayer, similar to a lament, expresses a sorrow which cannot be answered. Yet in this time Jesus also finds a strength that can carry us through the darkest of times…”Not my will, but yours be done.” Jesus removes the barrier of a weakened will, of fear, of inaction in the face of sorry. He removes it through a beautiful process of grief, sorrow, acceptance, and submission to a higher calling. Jesus does not remove grief or sorrow of fear, just the barrier that it creates in our lives. Jesus is not unfeeling or reckless or brave without fear. Yet out of loyalty and love to a greater cause, a higher calling, and others over self he is able to push past the doubts and fears that he held. Jesus showed us how to move past those things when we find them in ourselves, and thus have the courage to join in the work of the Kingdom of God, not through our strength, but in our weakness.

Think of a time when you were afraid of something you were called to do or needed to do for others.

Did you power through or give up?

Did you end up with a Garden of Gethsemane moment?

How, in this time of uncertainty, are you submitting to God’s will and seeking strength through submission?

God of sorrow and might. God of grief and peace. God of fear and bravery. We pray for the strength to drink the cup, accept your will, and move forward with love of others in our hearts. May we run this race where ever it may take us.

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