Saturday, April 16, 2011

Odd Things We Take For Granted

There are things in America that we take for granted and we do not even realize it until they are no longer available. Plain white socks are some of those items. They are needed on a daily basis because every school requires students to wear them as part of the uniform. The quality of socks in Tarime compared to those found in America is like comparing the knockoff brand of your favorite food with the real, organic, fresh flavor of the name brand.

Last summer my step mother, Linda, organized a sock drive in the office where she works. They were able to collect over 200 pairs of white socks for our kids. Over the past eight months, we have carefully spread them out amongst the 50 children to make sure they last. Each child has been given two pairs of socks every so often to keep their wardrobe stocked.

We would like to say thank you to Linda and her coworkers for collecting so many pairs of socks that they have been able to last these past eight months. The children are grateful and our budget is grateful.

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