Friday, August 28, 2009

Both Feet

My parents always said that I sometimes jump in with both feet without looking where I am going. And I have to admit they're right. I have a tendency to go after a good idea without considering whether or not I can actually accomplish it. This has led to some great successes that would have never been accomplished had I thought about my chances for success before hand. It has also led to incomplete projects and absolute failures on my part. I think this tendency has led me to expect a point in every project, idea, or venture where I start to ask if I can really do this.

That point in our trip to Africa happened this past week. We got an email from our contact in the states with a check list of things to do while at the orphanage in Tanzania. Keep in mind that we are not going with a team nor are there going to be any other missionaries there while we are, at least not after the first week or so. Parts of the list scare me, parts make me excited, parts make me laugh, and some parts do all three.

1) create a sports field - soccer (cool)
2) Have each child plant a tree at new location (awesome)
3) continue raising and teaching livestock and farming (who me?)
4) install water collection systems and strategic water solutions (this is someone's life)

(there are more this is just a sampling)

My thoughts on some of these were, they want city boy to do what? I wondered who they have me confused with. And then the shoe dropped that these were the reasons I am going. To bring an effort, knowledge (of some kind), and care to these kids and their world. It doesn't matter if I don't already know how to do this stuff because I can learn.

For once I am going to be jumping in with both feet and both knees as I let God and let go (and all those other cliches that are now holding more truth than I ever knew possible). I have wanted to give my life and its daily actions to God for a long time now and I think the challenges of this trip will help me do just that.

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  1. Wow, good luck.
    Maybe a quick crash course first at Heifer Ranch?