Sunday, September 20, 2009

Choose to Be Replanted

The following is prompted by a night at youth spent talking about the story of Adam and Eve giving into the desire to have the knowledge of God and subsequently being kicked out the Garden of Eden.

A plant is a living organism. Even a potted plant can continue to live if given water and sunlight. It is not like a bouquet of flowers that will wilt eventually. But what would happen if you took a flower off of the plant and watched it for the next 24 hours? My guess is that it would die, cut off from its source of life.

All of us have things that support or add to our lives. Food, water, clothing, shelter - these are basics that add survival to our life. Family, friends, love - these add relationsips and stability to our lives. Hobbies, passions, goals - these add drive and enjoyment to our lives. When we are cut off from these thigns we dry up inside, we feel lost, and we die. When we, as people, were cut off from God we lost the guiding light to our world. We ended up in a darkness of conflicting ideas, conflicting passions, and conflicting drives to the point where we live in a world that is constantly experiencing strife. We live in a world that argues about life and death through topics like abortion, the death penalty, and hoarding-induced poverty. We live in a world that argues about life fulfillment through topics like same-sex marriage, over-scheduling, and anxiety induced depression. We live in a world that is confused.

I pray for a world that can be replanted and experience again the life giving source that we were meant to experience. I pray that the world be lead off of the sun bleached, concrete of conflict and allow itself to jump into the soil, soak up the sun, and be watered by the bessings of God.

Choose to be replanted.

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