Thursday, August 6, 2009

Pass It On

I've been greedy with my blessings lately. I think this happens to us when we don't realize that we are experiencing blessings at all. We start to hoard the amazing things God has given us. It's like we are storing up all the good things in life against all of the bad (or in my case annoying) things that we are going through.

I am a life perfectionist, meaning I try to be perfect in how I run my life, how I balance priorities, and how I affect the people around me. Lately I haven't been balanced and I am not sure what affect, if any at all, that I have been having on the people I've been coming in contact with. I think because of this I have wanted to hoard my time with Liz, my "me" time, or even my time at work (spending it on what I think is important). When we do this we miss the greatest opportunities we can have, to love God and love others.

Today I have been reminded of that. I have been reminded of how blessed I am and how I am asked to thank God and promptly pass on those blessings to others. Maybe tomorrow will be a day to wake up and ask not what all I can get done today, but who all can I bless today?

Let's Pray.

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