Saturday, November 18, 2017

Meet Bhoke from Our Father's House

Meet Bhoke! Bhoke is about eleven years old but appears to be about six. Bhoke's trouble started with the fact that her father's main way of getting money is stealing. When Bhoke was quite young, her father taught her to steal. Her father’s first two wives died and while he was married to his third wife, he got caught stealing. While her father was in jail, Bhoke’s stepmother beat her and punished her by withholding food because Bhoke caused trouble by stealing and wetting the bed. Bhoke ran way from her stepmother and was found by Our Father’s House staff who attempted to reunite her with her family. Her father was out of jail but neither her step-mother or father would take her back- ironically, because of her stealing.

Mwita, the director of Our Father’s House, decided to take Bhoke into his home and for a few weeks she did well in a family environment, but decided to steal from the family one day. Understandably, Mwita’s wife was upset and concerned that there might be more stealing, so Bhoke left the house of her own accord. Mwita found her and explained that she is welcome to return, but she is scared to return because she knows she upset his wife.  Currently, Bhoke is still living on the streets or at different houses for a day or two at a time. Despite the circumstances, Our Father’s House has hope that Bhoke will break her habit of stealing and find a family.

Will you join us in prayer for Bhoke? That she might break this habit of stealing and find a loving family to live with? Please prayerfully consider sponsoring her or another child in the ministry. 

If you want to sponsor Bhoke or make a one time donation to Our Father's House please click here. Make sure that you click on the "in honor of" box and put down Bhoke's name. 

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