Sunday, October 1, 2017

Quick Life Update

Since I am not so great at blogging regularly I figured I would try to give a short update on what is going on, and also ask for your prayers for this current time in our lives.

Our family was given a gift this past year of getting some time to rest and be rejuvenated after seven years in Tanzania. From December 2016 until May 2017 Liz and the kids were in Jackson, TN. The kids were able to attend school and we were able to get to do many things that are harder to do in Tanzania. Liz and I thought it was great, I am not sure the kids enjoyed all of the dentist appointments, but it was needed and their teeth look great. I was in and out during this time, but was able to spend a good part of that time with them in Jackson.

June – August of this year we spent on the road speaking to different churches and small groups about our work in Tanzania. While I cannot began to thank everyone who hosted us, came to hear us speak, or shared their kitchen table with us for means and conversation. There were so many who cared for our children, made them feel special, ensured that they had fun, and generally spoiled them. I hope that you all get a chance to read even this little thank you and know how grateful we are. I look forward to continuing relationships with the groups that we were able to connect with and look forward to our next trip to the US.

The beginning of September I (Eric) returned to Tanzania by myself. During our time in the US we applied for Derrick to become a US citizen. A process that was supposed to be fairly straight forward and quick has proven to be anything but. As of right now Derrick cannot leave the country without running the risk of having to start all over again on his application. So we are currently waiting. Waiting on answers, waiting to be reunited, just waiting, something I know Liz and the boys feel even more keenly than I do.

That is where things stand for now. Prayers are appreciated that we can be back together as a family soon.

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