Monday, June 17, 2013

Be the Church...Another Manifestation

This site has always attempted to be about following God. Liz nor I have ever been very good at following just with our thoughts or our mouths. We have never been able to  talk about wanting to do something without getting the itch to do it. This has taken us to some interesting places and into some interesting situations. Some of which has even made it into this blog.

Well, this desire to be active, present, involved in the lives of others has taken on a new shape recently. We want to try and share a few more of these stories with you and we want others to share their stories with us. And we want to remind people in a strong, but hopefully not offensive way, that all Christians are called to Be the Church.

With that in mind I invite you to check out this site that has just opened up:
A site that is all about being active in our pursuit of God and present with others.

*If you want a cool t-shirt that helps remind you to be active in the world and that will get people asking questions then swing by that page of the new site and find out about a new thing we are trying out to support the church here in Tanzania so they can expand ways in which they are already being the church.

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