Saturday, March 9, 2013

Mwanza First United Methodist Church

I don’t think you have been officially introduced. Let me welcome you to Mwanza First United Methodist Church. I made my second visit to this church last week. The first visit was the beginning of February when we started with the church leaders and a total of 12 people committed to getting a church started in Mwanza the second largest city in Tanzania. Many of them have come from Kigoma and moved to Mwanza to try and find a better life for their families. They are committed to moving forward both in their personal lives and in growing the church. Since that first visit in February some amazing things have already happened. 

Church leadership
I found out during this second visit that the church has already doubled in size and we haven’t even put a building up yet, they are still worshiping in the living room of the lay leader. We are now over 30 people showing up on a Sunday which gets more than a little cramped.
This is the front of the building we meet in.

The women’s group has been on the move with visiting women in the community and continuing with their sewing project. They embroider material commonly used to cover tables, couches, even TVs and then use the money in their women’s ministry.
Women's group and one of their creations

Three of the youth in the church who are in secondary school themselves have taken on the job of tutoring preschool students after school and have around 30-40 children show up every day, both from within the church and from the community.

The men’s group is growing strong which is encouraging to see since so many of our churches here have a great presence of women, but almost no men. They have already added five men to their ranks several of whom have already become very active in the church.

It was a really good few days of ministry, teaching, and sharing together. I am excited about what the future holds for this church and other churches that will come about in Mwanza.

Now that you have been formally introduced feel free to come and visit any time.

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