Saturday, October 8, 2011

Family Reunion

Matiko on the left; Majaliwa on the right

I don’t know what you think about family reunions. For some people they are a cherished annual ritual and for others they contain the dread of hosting the family Christmas dinner, having the mother-in-law visit, and attending your 10 year high school reunion all rolled into one event. Last week I saw a family reunion that could only have resembled the joy of heaven. Matiko has been a child at Angel House for over a year now. He is doing well in school and should finish nursery school this year. The police brought Matiko to Angel House after discovering how his step-father had disciplined him by sticking his hand in a fire. Well Matiko was not the only child in the house. Last week his older brother Majaliwa was also brought to stay at Angel House. He also has burn marks as well as a scar from a knife going all the way through his arm. None of that, however, was evident when Matiko saw Majaliwa coming through the gate. He was wearing one of the biggest smiles I have ever seen on his little face. Majaliwa was no less happy as he picked up his little brother in a big bear hug. The smiles are still going on now. I hope they will always continue as Majaliwa becomes the newest addition to the Angel House family and reconnects with his own little family here in Tarime.  

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