Thursday, June 30, 2011

Drive, Drove, Driven

Summer break is a sacred time for kids in the US. There are sports games, swimming pools, and most importantly freedom from school. The summer months become all important for your average American teenager whose two desires are to stay up late so they can sleep in and earn money for that all important car, the true gateway to freedom. June has been Angel Secondary’s equivalent of a summer break. The weather is not that different from any other time of year, but school is closed. However, on most of our students minds is not freedom, sleeping in, or going swimming. Most of our students are still thinking education, education, education. Several of our teachers have gotten together and put on extra tuition (tutoring) for the students at Angel Secondary (and anyone else who wants to join them). Those students who are behind or who just want to get a bit ahead are able to come (for a little bit extra money) and continue to study during their summer break. Any teens in the US want to offer up their summer break for further education?
It has been inspiring to see these students who refuse to take their eyes off the prize of a good education. They are choosing to come and spend even more time in the classroom so that they can be ready for their national exams and so that their education really counts. Tuition is being held at the Romans Catholic Church in Tarime so that the students do not have to pay extra for transport out to Gamasara. The space is not exactly set up for a secondary school, it is actually a nursery school so the students are sitting on tiny chairs and writing on their laps, but they are excited to still be learning. These students have a drive for education and continue to be driven to learn. It is easy to be inspired to help those who are willing to work so hard to help themselves.

Check out the set-up for this extra time of learning. 

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  1. So crowded must mean so hot, but still they come.
    As you say, inspiring.