Monday, January 10, 2011

First Day of School

I never understood gushy parents and I still don’t break down and cry even for important bench marks, but today was a very proud parent day. Eight of our kids started nursery school today.  It was exciting to be able to stay the night at the kids house, get up with them this morning (5:30 am) and help them get ready for their first day of school. There was the typical scramble for school uniforms and trying to find and then sort out backpacks for all the kids. This may have been further complicated by no electricity (solar went out early after a rainy Sunday), but that did not stop their excitement. Our two smallest, who had never stepped foot in a school before, were especially excited to get in line with all of the other kids for the big kid breakfast. Derrick kept asking when the big bus was coming to take them to school, and was only slightly disappointed when he learned that all of the nursery students were going in the orphanage truck. After all of the work of getting almost thirty kids ready for school (eight went to nursery and the rest returned to primary school today) we were still the first ones there ready to start a new school year, ready to learn, and ready to take one more important step for their future. I could not be more proud. 

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