Thursday, September 30, 2010

School Supplies

Liz and I don’t often use the blog for this, but I want to update you on our major project for the moment and if possible ask for some help. We are currently building a high school that we hope to have open in January. When I say we I mean the fundis (construction workers), general contractor, several missionaries, Angel House staff as needed, and more government employees who need to check off on the process than I care to think about or list right now. We are about 1-2 months out from having all the buildings complete and are also working on interviewing for a headmaster who will then help with the hiring of teachers who will then help with the registering of students. We are very excited as the buildings have taken shape on what used to be vegetated land (pictures below). We are even more excited to think about the learning and shaping that will take place in the classrooms this upcoming year as students we already know and those we have yet to meet will enter classrooms with hope for their future...and maybe a little dread over some exams.

Anyway, what I wanted to say is that we are at the stage where we need to start filling up the classes that have been built. I am talking about desks, tables, chalkboards, hopefully some white boards, bookshelves, etc. Much of these things we can and need to purchase in Tanzania (it helps the economy). If you are interested in a list of things that we need sent over let me know. I will leave you with one more example and some instructions.

A desk is $50 to make...we need 180 of them. Ready. Set. Go.

You can donate over the internet with the button on the side of this page. Any money we receive for the next few months will go to school construction. If you need a tax write off send a check to Grassroots. Instructions are at under the how to help section. Make sure to mark it as school supplies.

This is the second to last shameless plug for a while. Thank you for indulging me.

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