Monday, February 8, 2010

“For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord” ~ Jeremiah 29:11

Too bad He didn’t share those plans with us!

The entire three weeks we have been here there have not been two days completely the same. Every day has a different “to do list” although you are lucky to get one thing done on that list. We usually get up around eight o’clock and try to get out and about. We have a staff meeting every Friday morning that is supposed to start at nine; however, we are lucky if it starts by ten. The staff meetings are at least two hours or more but are extremely productive because they are free to bring concerns and needs/wants to these meetings. One reason it is so long is because we have to have Anna translate everything for us. We spend every Saturday and Sunday with the children working in the shamba, playing games with the little ones, and worshiping. Monday through Thursday we meet with at least one head master and either the Minister of something or the District Commissioner about an issue. Eric works on construction stuff like getting solar power quotes or drilling quotes. We are all currently working on getting plans and paperwork done for the start of the new Secondary School project. Another thing is the finances since it is a big ordeal. Everything takes money and no one ever has any. We carry our own money as well as money for others on us at all times. We are trying to get Piki piki (dirt bike/motorcycle) licenses, so we have been getting eye exams and the paperwork done for that process as well.

The way that things go around here is that it may take you two or three times trying to do something before you actually conquer it. For example, we drove out to the Government Hospital to get eye exams and waited for a while before we found out that we had to come certain days between certain hours. So, Eric and I went the next day around seven thirty to get this done. However, we sat around until the doctor finally came after eight and told us that we had to go to another office to pay and bring a receipt. Then, after the eye exam we had to go to two other offices to get it stamped and recorded. Phew! Good news! Eric and I both passed according to their standards, although both of us missed quite a few letters and I definitely did not see any of the colors the doctor was holding up!

Anyway. Katherine has lunch on the table around noon and dinner on the table when she leaves around five o’clock. She has our laundry hanging up to dry and the house completely clean, including all of the cat hair off of the furniture! Sometimes we are back to eat lunch. We are never back to eat dinner until eight o’clock even though we try to be out at MOHOTT by four o’clock to hang out with the kids and help with homework so we can try to leave before dark hits because it is too dangerous to be driving after dark. We come home, eat dinner, and crash. Not having electricity most nights makes it much easier to just go to bed.


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