Our Father's House

Introduction Story:
One Sunday Pastor Wikendi showed up early to church to prepare for worship. He found a group of children putting their few belongings in sacks  and moving pieces of cardboard which they had been sleeping in out of the way. That is when Wikendi found out that a small group of street kids were sleeping in front of the rented church space every night. The church, unwilling to turn a blind eye to these kids, gave birth to Our Father's House.

The last three years
One of the first children was Kalistus who we met in 2013. He was sick, needed blood transfusions monthly, was undernourished, and the stress of his medical care had caused his grandmother to chase him away from home. We eventually found a relative in Dar es Salaam that could care for him properly and we sent him to Dar. This year Kalistus came back to the office, tracking down staff from Our Father's House within his first week back in Tarime. He is now a tall, healthy young adult. He is in Tarime learning how to be a car mechanic and caring for his grandmother, the same one that at one point chased him from home. He is healthy, reconciled with his fmaily, and confident in himself. It was a blessing and confirmation that this work is making a long term difference. He didn't come back to ask for help, he just simply wanted to say thank you. 

In the last three years Our Father's House has reunited over 30 children with their families or placed them in foster homes. We ahve provided emergency medical care, food, and education for children on the streets. We have done counseling with children and their parents and families. Children form the streets have started coming to church, sing in the choir, and have joined the youth group.

Most recently we focused on the older street kids and are opening a brick making project that provides job skills and a place of employment for older kids who are too old to return home, but need help to get on their feet. 

If you want to support Our Father's House you can give a one time gift here or you can sponsor a child. You can get more information about the sponsorship program here and see the kids needing sponsors here.

Future Plans 
Our Father's House is still growing and figuring out how to most effectively help street children in Tarime find their way to a loving home.

Future plans include family strengthening work for families that have taken children in, a drop in center for street kids, and vocational training.