As missionaries we believe that we are the builders of foundations. Our job is not to do everything for everyone, our job is to help get things started. We are here to work with local people and churches to develop what the Holy Spirit already has going on in their communities, and to try to move the church towards being self-leading, self-replicating (locally led church planting), and self-sustaining believing that established and equipped churches will do God's work in their local communities.

How this is done?

  • We focus on organizing new families of faith that support each other and reach out to their communities. 
  •  We focus on the needs of the community, but also the strengths of the community to meet those needs.
  •  We focus on investing in people, pastors, lay leaders, women leaders, youth, and others with the understanding that buildings and programs are the means of support, not the goal. 
  •  We focus on good mission practices for the churches here in Tanzania and the churches in other parts of the world that want to be in mission with the churches here.

How is this not done?

  • We do not build big programs or big buildings that cannot be sustained by the local congregations they are supposed to help. 
  •  We do not use methods that fill seats and not souls.
  •  We do not create programs that are disconnected from the Gospel as the most important message we can give the world.


Each local congregation is seen as part of the faithful family of God that exists to restore each other and their communities to God from the relational, physical, and spiritual poverty that we all find ourselves struggling against.