Emmanuel Center

Emmanuel Center
Empowerment for Peace & Justice

The Emmanuel Center for Women and Children was started to help turn a tragedy from a meaningless event into something with meaning and purpose. Emmanuel’s death in 2012 woke the church in Gamasara to the extreme tragedy that was happening in so many families in the village and area as women and children were struggling to deal with the abuse and neglect present within families or the lack of security and dignity experienced by many female headed households. From the grief and anger experienced at Emmanuel’s death the Emmanuel Center for Women and Children has been born and we are here to…

Bring Peace and Justice to the community of Gamasara through Education, Empowerment, Advocacy, and Spiritual Formation. Peace and Justice do not just appear and we are committed to the long-term work that it will take for these to start being present in Gamasara.

Empowerment – We have started with income generating projects and job skills training because we believe that economic empowerment helps with feeling more secure and having a better sense of self-worth.


Education – We are looking forward to starting life classes soon, teaching topics like personal finances, maternal health, and nutritional eating. We also look forward to educating the village of Gamasara about the rights and dignity of women and children, but we want the women to do this themselves, hence step number 1.

Advocacy – As the village becomes more aware of and accepting of women’s and children’s rights and dignity the Emmanuel Center will move towards more direct advocacy work both with whole families and in individual cases.

Spiritual Formation – While last on the list it is not last in importance. The foundational values of love, peace, and justice that flows from the Christian faith is what set all of this in motion. While the center is open to women from any or even no faith background, the entire thing is going to be wrapped in prayer and spiritual formation, the kind that helps us all withstand the challenges of life, will be a part of this work.

Future plans/needs:
We hope to open a nursery school soon so that children in Gamasara have a place to come and learn, laugh, play, sing, and be loved. We hope that by starting to create a love and peace filled environment at a young age that we will not just be affecting the lives of children now, but for generations to come.

In order for this to happen we need to build and equip the classroom and have enough student sponsors to cover the basic costs to run the school. If you are interested check out more here.